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FXPinnacle is an information station providing accurate and priceless information to all financial market traders both novice and advanced traders alike. Composed of highly professional traders and analysts with vast amount of knowledge and years of experience, FXPinnacle is the success gateway for millions of traders around the world who now use our services to constantly succeed in the Forex market.

Our team of expert analysts navigate the Forex, Commodity, Indices and Crypto markets daily, providing in-depth market information, market analysis, trade ideas, trade recommendations and signals for trading Forex and other markets respectively.

FXPinnacle Features

Having developed deeper knowledge of the Forex market, our team of experts analyze market situations in real-time basis and they are keen to understanding market information.
Such priceless information gives us first-hand knowledge on when large institutions such as banks, hedge funds etc are taking positions in the market.
Features of FXPinnacle includes:

What to expect

Why Choose FXPinnacle

FXPinnacle is the leading forex service provider online, we’re the gateway to successful trading experience. There are reasons why many traders around the world are joining FXPinnacle today.

Forex Signals

Why wait to be a pro trader when you can follow trades from the professionals and grow your profits consistently. Instant trade alerts, high reward/risk ratio, well planned trades, fully integrated with money and risk management strategies.

Live Trading Room

Enter our live trading room to navigate the Forex market live with our experts. Live market analysis, trade setups, order entering, real profits, professional trading tools and much more.


Using FXPinnacle is very simple and easy

  1. Signup to create a free MyFXP account
  2. Login to your account and fund your wallet
  3. Choose any plan to subscribe
  4. Activate instant alerts to enjoy the full benefits
It’s that simple! Trading the FXPinnacle way

The FX Trading Solution

We are confident, bold and proud of what we do. With our proven results over the years FX traders are strongly assured of success in the Forex market


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Test Running FXPinnacle Forex Signals

Financial markets such as Forex  are often very volatile, occasional losing trades will always occur. Such losses isn’t enough to term FXPinnacle bad. While occasional losses are short-term, the more significant outcome is always on the long-term results

For Example: Michael received 10 FXPinnacle Signals with 4 losing trades of 50pips each and 6 wining trades of 100pips each

4 losing trades * -50pips = -200pips

6 winning trades * 100pips = 600pips

Net Trade Result = 400pips profit

In this example, you observe how Michael used FXPinnacle to earn 400pips profit despite lossing 4trades.

FX Traders Love FXPinnacle

FXPinnacle simplify the complexities of Forex trading and is fast becoming the major gateway to all Forex traders.

I almost blew up my account again but luckily for me, I came across Fxpinnacle online. Though i wasn’t sure if i could trust them until i tried out your signals. Now i have recovered all my loses.

Shola Idowu


It’s about five years i got into forex trading, tried several signals, indicators, strategies and lot of stuffs but with very bad results. Since I started using your services my trades have never been the same. I will strongly recommend you to every trader like me.

Anthony Kungawo

South Africa

Your live trading room is awesome, i never could imagine anyone trading on pure raw chart and yet turn up such great results. Now i understand price action, my confidence is so high and my account is looking great.and better each day Thanks.

Nnamdi Chikelue

United States