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FXPinnacle is a reliable and accurate information station in the financial market, providing traders with high-quality market analysis, in-depth insight, actionable trade signals and live market updates 24/7. We center our focus on forex, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. 

We also provide real-time powerful trading signals on instruments in these asset classes.

Besides our excellent trading signals, we have an extensive knowledge base for traders through our Live Trading Room, which includes the best Forex tutorials, unique Forex trading strategies & tools, Live market analysis and trading.

Forex trading signals are used by traders all over the world to guide them on critical trade decisions.

Traders of all levels rely on FXPinnacle forex signals to inform them on when to enter trades, where to set entry price, stop loss and take profit.

To start trading forex using our signal,

  • Open a live trading account with any forex broker see our recommended brokers
  • Signup for My FXPinnacle account. signup here
  • Copy the trade signals released in My FXPinnacle platforms
  • Open the order section in your trading platform and paste the signal(Entry-price, Stop-loss and Take-profit) respectively 

With FXPinnacle trade signals, trading becomes very simple, easy, comfortable and very profitable

Absolutely!!! Over the years about 80% of traders end up loosing out their capital in this huge Financial markets.

For these traders and every other trader, FXPinnacle is here to help you eliminate losses and accelerate profits. You will definitely become a successful trader using FXPinnacle trading signals

As a beginner, you can start investing and making money in Forex market by simply copying our trade signals into your trading platform.

The Forex market is very huge with a minimum of $5trillion dollars traded daily. It’s the largest and most liquid financial market in the world.

There are no limits to the amount you can make from Forex market, it’s potentials are just unlimited.

Yes! you don’t necessarily have to watch the market charts all day,  all you need is simply place orders using FXPinnacle trade signals immediately you receive a trading signal alert on your devices.

Simply put, using leverage with forex trading means that a large trade position can be opened with a small amount of money. For example, with some forex brokers who offer 1:500 leverage, you can buy or sell 1000 units of the any currency pair with minimum of $2.

The notional 1000 units trade size of the position is 1000 dollars. This means that with 1:500 leverage, you only need $2 to open a position worth $1000. The remaining $998 is borrowed from the forex broker.

Certainly, a trader will need more than $2 to maintain this position once it is opened. Using leverage to trade forex has the potential to magnify both gains and losses. The use of excessive leverage(ignorantly in most cases) is a major reason why most traders lose money in the forex market.

Yes. We provide comprehensive tutorials on how to use FXPinnacle signals effectively. See our resources here

It takes just 1minute to signup for your FXPinnacle account

  • Select a signal subscription plan
  • Complete registration form and submit

You can signup for our Free Signals or choose a Premium Signal plan suitable for you.


Great! If you already have a live trading account with any broker, then you are just a step away from unleashing the great potential of the forex market

  • Click Signup to create My FXPinnacle account.
  • Copy the trade signals released in My FXPinnacle platforms
  • Open the order section in your trading platform and paste the signal(Entry-price, Stop-loss and Take-profit) respectively 

With FXPinnacle trade signals, trading becomes very simple, easy, comfortable and very profitable

No. You can create a free account by choosing our Free Signal plan, it’s FREE forever.

To activate FXPinnacle SMS alerts and notifications on any device:

  • Login to MyFXP, click on SMS Alert icon
  • Fill the SMS Alert Activation form with your valid details
  • Check your device for a text message containing your OTP code
  • Send the code to +2349063823041
  • You will receive a confirmation message within 24hrs of activation
    Note: If you don’t get a confirmation message after 48hrs, please contact our support team.

No. We don’t give refunds, you may continue to use our FREE services it’s free forever.

See our Refund Policy

To get discounts on any signal subscription plan during registration, do the following:

    • Click Signup to create My FXPinnacle account.
    • Choose a subscription plan
    • On the registration page, go to “Do you have a discount code?”
    • Select ” Click here to enter your discount code”.
    • Fill in the discount code and click “Apply”

If you want to receive FXPinnacle Scalper & Pro signals and also gain access to the Live Trading Room, then you must choose the Master Trader Combo plan.

The Master Trader Combo subscription plan gives you unlimited access to FXPinnacle’s services.

If you decide to cancel any active subscription plan, you’ll no longer gain access to any service associated with the plan.

On deletion of your account, you will loose all your data with FXPinnacle including but not limited to any active subscription. See our Refund Policy


Absolutely. FXPinnacle Free Signals is free forever. You can continue to use our free signals even when you have active premium subscriptions.

Our team of experts fully equipped with in-depth knowledge & experience, navigate the forex market daily, spot trade opportunities, identifies when the big financial institutions are taking positions and then sends out trading signals.

Proper risk management rules are well integrated in all our short-term(Scalper) and long-term(Pro) signals with higher reward and lesser risk ratio.

Therefore with FXPinnacle Forex Signals, you will always cash the big market moves in real-time, eliminate losses and accelerate profits

FXPinnacle expert traders possess a robust and comprehensive strategies well integrated into our trading style and systematically deployed into the forex market for consistent profitable results.

We put into consideration both in long and short term view the following:

  • Fundamental and Technical
  • Price Action Based Analysis
  • Market Sentiments & Bias
  • Momentum Sustenance & Changes
  • Risk Management rules
  • And many more….

A trade signal is released once the trade meets our requirements. On average regardless of any subscription plan, 1-2 trading signals are released daily and 5-10 weekly.

This does not apply to the Free Signal subscription

We trade all majors, minors and exotics that meets our requirements. Commodities like gold, oil are among the instruments we trade

Other asset classes we trade include Indices & cryptocurrencies. But forex market remains our primary focus.

All FXPinnacle trading signals are provided in the following asset classes traded on the financial market:

  • Forex (Currencies)
  • Metals (Gold and Silver)
  • Oil (Brent & Crude)
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies

Although our Expert traders navigate the markets 24hours daily, most orders are fulfilled during the European and New York trading session.

FXPinnacle trading signals are released once a trade meets our requirements. Therefore there are no fixed time to releasing our trade signals. Just be sure to activate our signal alerts & notification on your devices.

Yes.The Scalper signal trades remain open 4hrs – 2days in most cases and is very suitable for short-term trading.

While the Pro signal trades remain open 1day-1wk in most cases and is very suitable for long-term trading.


Yes! As a beginner trader, you don’t need any special knowledge or training to start trading and making money immediately using FXPinnacle trading signals.

To start immediately, below are all you need to know:

  • How to place orders in your live trading platform
  • How to copy and paste
  • Then simply copy our trade signals and paste into your order
  • Place the order, relax and watch your trade generate good profits.

Unlimited!!! Although considering the volatile nature of the markets, we’ll have some losses. But with a minimum of 4wins in every 10trades applying FXPinnacle trade signals, will always give you a good profit. That’s our promise


Absolutely! Finding the right broker can be so taunting for most traders, hence we made it a top priority to conduct a deep research and provide traders a comprehensive list of brokers that will mostly suit their trading style.

You can see our recommended brokers suitable for FXPinnacle trading style.

Yes. We have provided a comprehensive list of brokers that will be suitable to traders in different continents.

You can use any forex broker suitable for your trading style, but here are some list of brokers we recommend to effectively trade forex using FXPinnacle trading signals.

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